PlayStation’s head of mobile departs

Nicola Sebastiani is replaced by Olivier Courtemanche and Kris Davis as co-heads.

According to, there’s been a change in PlayStation’s mobile division. Nicola Sebastiani, who was the VP and head of mobile since July 2021, has left the company for newer opportunities.

Before joining PlayStation, Sebastiani had spent seven years at Apple, where he was in charge of content for Apple Arcade. It seems that Olivier Courtemanche and Kris Davis have taken over his responsibilities, as they recently updated their LinkedIn profiles to reflect their new roles.

Olivier Courtemanche's Job role on LinkedIn
Olivier Courtemanche Job role on LinkedIn
Kris Davis job Role on LinkedIn
Kris Davis’ Job Role on LinkedIn

Sebastiani’s appointment last year came as part of Sony’s efforts to expand the PlayStation business beyond consoles. Sony had expressed ambitious plans for mobile, including potentially publishing games from other developers on smartphones, exploring cross-platform opportunities, and collaborating with mobile developers to bring PlayStation franchises to new audiences and regions.

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