Spotify’s desktop app gets a major overhaul

Redesigned your Library and Now Playing views enhance the listening experience.

Spotify is turning its attention to revamping the desktop experience. The latest update brings a fresh look to the Your Library and Now Playing views on the Spotify Desktop app.

While the main content area remains familiar, the audio streaming service has introduced several notable additions to align the desktop experience with its mobile counterpart.

On the left-hand side, the newly anchored Your Library provides quick access to users’ saved music and podcast collections. Early insights suggest that this revamped library feature saves time and offers a better overview and seamless switching between playlists.

new spotify look
(Image credit: Spotify)

On the right-hand side, users will find the Now Playing view, which displays the current song or podcast being enjoyed. This view also offers additional information about the track and artist, including details on tour dates and merchandise, facilitating better connections with favorite artists and providing opportunities for further discovery.

For select podcasts, users can even follow along with transcripts while listening, enhancing the overall listening experience.

The redesigned Your Library and Now Playing views aim to deliver a richer and more personalized experience, offering increased context and quicker access to personal favorites. The Friend Activity feed can be accessed through the “friends” icon located next to your profile picture in the top-right corner.

Users can go compact by collapsing the library to view only playlist icons with a simple click on the “Your Library” button. The new Library design allows for easier searching and filtering, enabling users to exclusively explore their dedicated music, podcast, and audiobook feeds.

Additionally, the customizable nature of Your Library and Now Playing lets users resize the views to suit their preferences. Playlists in the Library can be moved and pinned, and songs can be easily dropped into editable playlists.

The rollout of the new Your Library and Now Playing views will begin today, reaching Spotify Desktop users worldwide. To experience the update firsthand, launch one of Spotify’s flagship playlists, such as Today’s Top Hits, on a Desktop or in your web browser.

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