upgrade games on PS5

Can I upgrade my games to PS5?

We explore the process, compatibility, and some frequently asked questions.

If you’re wondering whether you can play games from older PlayStation consoles on the PS5 and upgrade those games to work better on the PS5, the answer is yes. PS5 supports backward compatibility, and older games can be upgraded and played on it.

Read on to learn everything you need to know, including how to upgrade games and smoothly transition from older PlayStation experiences to amazing gaming on the PS5.

Why should you upgrade your games?

Upgraded games on the PS5 make gaming even better with these advantages:

  • Improved graphics: The graphics are realistic and detailed, with clearer images and awesome special effects.
  • Faster load times: The PS5 significantly reduces waiting times for games to load; you can start enjoying your favorite game right after launching it.
  • Enhanced performance: Gameplay is smoother and more responsive when you play upgraded games on the PS5, with fewer interruptions or pauses.
  • Ray tracing: PS5’s ray tracing feature elevates your game to a new level of realism and immersion. With realistic lighting and reflections, everything appears more natural and captivating, creating a truly lifelike gaming experience.
  • DualSense controller features: The DualSense controller takes gaming to a whole new level. Its haptic feedback feature lets you feel the impact of every action in the game.
  • 3D audio: With 3D audio technology, you get precise sound positioning with compatible headphones.
  • Game performance modes: PS5 allows you to customize your gaming experience. In an open-world game, you can choose between better graphics, which look more stunning with breathtaking landscapes, or smoother gameplay, where your character moves seamlessly without lag, depending on your preference and your TV’s capabilities.

PS5 backward compatibility restrictions:

Game compatibility on the PS5 is restricted to PS4 games. While most PS4 games are compatible with the PS5, games from previous PlayStation generations, such as the PS3, PS2, and PS1, are not directly playable on the PS5.

PS5 game upgrade options

There are a few ways to upgrade your game to PS5. These include:

Backward compatibility:

The PS5 can play most of the games on the older PS4 console. This means you can still play and have fun with your favorite PS4 games on the new PS5 without any problems or difficulties.

Physical copy upgrade:

If you have a PS4 game disc, some games let you make it work on the new PS5. Some games allow you to do this for free, but you may need to pay a little for others.

Digital copy upgrade:

If you bought a PS4 game from the PlayStation Store using the internet, many games let you get a better version for your new PS5 without any extra cost. You can download and enjoy the improved version on your PS5.

How to upgrade your games to PS5?

Here are the steps for upgrading your games

Step 1: Check eligibility:

You can check if your game is eligible for an upgrade by looking at the game’s information or asking on the PlayStation website.

Step 2: Check the upgrade option:

Some games may offer a free upgrade, while others may have a paid option for better features and improvements.

Step 3: Verification and ownership:

This involves signing in with your account, entering a code, or showing proof of purchase.

Step 4: Access upgrade platform:

Go to the PlayStation Store on your PS5 console to access the platform and download the upgraded version.

Step 5: Follow upgrade instructions:

After accessing the upgrade platform, you will be given step-by-step directions on upgrading your game.

Step 6: Enjoy the upgraded game:

Once you have successfully upgraded your game on the PS5, you can start playing and have fun with all the new and improved features.


There can be limitations or restrictions on upgrading games from different regions. Some games may not be eligible for upgrades if they are from a different region than where you purchased them. It is essential to check the specific upgrade policy for each game and region to determine if an upgrade is possible.

Yes, you can upgrade some PlayStation VR (PSVR) games to the PS5. However, not all PSVR games are eligible for upgrades. To upgrade a PSVR game, it must have a specific PS5 upgrade option available, which is determined by the game’s developer or publisher. Check the PlayStation Store or the game’s official website for information on eligible PSVR upgrades to the PS5.

Play your old games on PS5!

Upgrading games to the PS5 is possible and offers a straightforward process. The outlined steps of checking eligibility, checking upgrade options, verifying ownership, accessing the upgrade platform, following instructions, and enjoying the upgraded games apply to physical and digital copies.

With the PS5’s enhanced graphics, faster load times, improved performance, and innovative features, players can fully immerse themselves in an exciting and enhanced gaming experience on the new console. Happy gaming!

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