details of nintendos next generation console

Nintendo’s highly anticipated next-Gen console slated for 2024 launch, reports suggest

Here's everything we know so far.

The Video Games Chronicle (VGC) hints at the upcoming release of Nintendo’s next-generation console. After a successful six-year run with the Nintendo Switch, which has sold a staggering 125 million units, we are eager to see what the Japanese gaming giant has in store for its follow-up.

According to the report, the successor is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2024, precisely seven-and-a-half years after the Switch’s initial launch in March 2017. This timeline aligns with Nintendo’s traditional console release patterns, signaling a possible new era of gaming on the horizon.

VGC further reveals that Nintendo’s partner studios have already received development kits, signifying the commencement of game development for the unnamed console. Although scant details have been divulged about the device at this stage, insiders claim it will retain the hallmark handheld mode akin to the Switch and will continue to support physical game cartridges.

nintendo switch oled model
(Image credit: Nintendo)

One notable point of interest, however, is a possible divergence from the current trend of employing OLED displays. Instead, speculations suggest the new console might feature a more cost-effective LCD screen. While OLED technology has been well-received in recent Switch models, this departure could impact the overall visual experience. However, further clarity on this aspect is expected as the console’s launch date approaches.

Rumors are rife regarding the console’s compatibility with existing Switch games. Fans and industry insiders alike are keen to learn whether their extensive library of Switch titles will seamlessly transition to the new platform. However, until official confirmation from Nintendo emerges, the status of backward compatibility remains shrouded in mystery.


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